Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Gang Bang tab

 Gang Bang

 A Sensational song by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
 tabbed by Richard Sixsmith

 Sorry, no Solo. I dont have the skill, or the patience to tab a solo.
 However, I've tabbed all the riffs and chords, though I've not included the
rhthym, as I can't be bothered,
 You'll get the gist anyway. Have fun

  Main Riff

e ---------------|B ---------------|G ---------------|D -------5-------|A -5-6-7---7-6-3-|E ---------------|
Verse Riff D# D Ce ----------------------|B ----------------------|G ----------------8-7-5-|D -7-7-5-7-5------8-7-5-|A -----------7-3--6-5-3-|E ----------------------|
Verse Chords C Ge -------------------------------|B -------------------------------|G -------------------------------|D -7-7-9-7--/--12-12-12h14p12-12-|A -5-5-5-5--/--10-10-10-------10-|E -------------------------------|
Chorus p.1 chorus p.2 C D# D Ce ------------- -------------|B ------------- -------------|G ------------- -------------|D -5-5-5h7p5-5- -8-7-5-5-7-5-|A -3-3-3-3---3- -6-5-3-3-3-3-|E ------------- -------------|
Intro: Main Riff, Verse Chords, Main Riff - D#/D/C x2, Verse Chords Verse Riff x2 There once was a woman with wings Verse Riff x2 Happy with the simple things Verse Chords She had silk suspenders and high, heeled, stocking thighs Verse Riff x2 Helping me in my need Verse Riff x2 She was a friend, indeed Verse Chords She was my baby until the day she died Chorus p.1 Ain't nothin' like a gang bang Chorus p.1 Ain't nothin' like a gang bang Chorus p.2 Ain't nothin' like a gang bang to blow away the blues. (repeat) Main Riff She was a woman who was twice my size Main Riff She looked into my eyes Verse Chords She said "Only you can blow my blues away" Verse Riff She said "I'll tell you what to do Verse Riff Bring all your friends with you Verse Chords And you can come up and see me any ol' time of day" ETC... any requests/ questions mail my UG account or contact me at: Richard Sixsmith (warrington) - Facebook Angryredcom - Youtube
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