Seo Taiji - October 4th tab

Artist: Seo Taiji
Title: October 4th
Album: 7th issue (2004)
Tabber: Khoa

Info: This song has two guitars.  This the one playing the chords.

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	LIVE VERSION: Eb (Every string down a half step.)
	7TH ISSUE VERSION: Capo 1st fret (relative to std tuning).


e ---0------0------x--|B ---0------0------3--|G ---2------2------2--|D ---2------2------0--|A ---0------2------0--|E ---x------0------x--| Asus2 Esus4 D
Intro: Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Esus4 wenji Verse: Asus2 Esus4 yojume nan sonyo ga to olla Asus Esus4 Asus2 nega sumul momchul te norul to olligo he Esus4 Asus2 E Asus2 Ne nungaen aryonhan shijore nomuna chalbadon giog malgonun obnunde Esus4 Asus2 E Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Esus4 non myotnyonina humpog jojo nal chuogke he Chorus: Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Dsus2 Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Nega ne gyothe obgie non do nege sojunghe Dsus2 Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Esus4 nonun you ga tha Verse: 8TH NOTE DOWNSTROKES (STRUM) Esus4 Esus4 Asus2 Esus4 Jamkan nega jamdun saie non ne gwidgae sog sagyosso Esus4 Esus4 Asus2 Esus4 ocheso non nal jabjido anhassonyago wonmanghesso Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 E Negen nega nomu malgaso mal mothesso Chorus: Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 D Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Nega ne gyothe obgie yeah non do nege sojunghe D Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Esus4 nonun you ga tha Nega obgie igose obgie Asus2 Esus4 nega obgie non arumdaaaa Bridge: Each measure has four counts.
stan stan stan stan stan stan stan...e|-0--------0----|-0--------0----|-0--------0----|-x------b|----0--------0-|----0--------0-|----0--------0-|-3------g|-------2-------|-------2-------|-------2-------|-2------d|---------------|---------------|---------------|-0------a|---------------|---------------|---------------|-0------e|---------------|---------------|---------------|-x------
nega ne gyothe igose obgiee|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------b|-------10--------|-------9---------|-------10---------|----10------g|----9------------|----9------------|----9-------------|-9----------d|-7---------------|-6---------------|-4----------------|------------a|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------e|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|------------
Chorus, end: Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 non do nege sojunghe D Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Esus4 Asus2 Esus4 nonun you ga tha Nega obgie igose obgie Asus2 E nega obgie non arumdaaaa End:
Remember to tune down a half step if you want to play the Live Tour Zero 04 version. In my opinion, it sounds better. If you want to sing the 7th issue version, simply capo 1st fret. Any questions/comments? Drop me a line: AIM: superaverageguy
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