September Vacancy - So Long Sunshine chords

This is my first contribution to UG, hope you enjoy.
Tuning: Standard, capo 2

Verse 1

G GsusWhen all is said and done, is harder than it sounds
Em7 Em 'Cus saying's only half of it, the rest is rarely found
C And doing is what life's about, but life is not your friend
AmWhen you've sucked the marrow out of life, your bones no longer bend
Chorus 1
G So long sunshine, our days are winding down
EmAnd all life's dazzling colors, simply can't be found
CMy sunshine's always been there, to help me through the night
AmAnd chase away the demons, with her sparkling light
Verse 2
GWhat goes up must come down, I've proved it once again
EmI'm hoping when it does this time, it'll fall into my hand
C'Cus when i miss that subtle sign, and it falls towards the ground
AmIt shatters when it hits the floor, but I never hear a sound
GAnd when you left i kicked myself, for letting you get away
EmAnd as bad as I wanted to track you down, I forced myself to stay
CBecause I never did deserve you, and you never needed me
AmSo I let you drive away because without me you'll be free
Chorus 2
GSo long sunshine, my day is winding down
EmAnd all life's dazzling colors, are nowhere to be found
CMy sunshine was always here with me, to keep me warm throughout the night
AmBut now she's not, and all alone, my heart has turned to ice
Verse 3
GAnd all that I can say to you, is I'm glad you finally left
EmBecause if you had stayed here, I'd have taken your last breath
CBut your leaving drove me into, depression of greater depths
AmAnd sadly I have made the choice, to hurry the gift of death
Chorus 3
GSo long sunshine, my day is at an end
EmTwists of fate, like to break my story's at it's end
CWhen Black and white blur to grey, it's not a pretty sight
AmDon't let your sunshine get away, your sunshine's worth your life.
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