Sepultura - Mind War tab

Sepultura – MindwarTuning- Drop DThere were no accurate tabs so I made my ownIntro and Main Riff through whole songE|----------|b|----------|g|-5--------|d|-3-0-3-4-4| x8A|-3-0-3-4-4|D|---0-3-4-4|
Versee|--------|b|--------|g|-5------|d|-3-0-3--| x4A|-3-0-3--|D|---0-3--|E|----------|b|----------|g|-5--------|d|-3-0-3-4-4| x5A|-3-0-3-4-4|D|---0-3-4-4|e|--------|b|--------|g|-5------|d|-3-0-3--| x4A|-3-0-3--|D|---0-3--|
breakdown before chorusidkchorus e|--------|b|--------|g|-5------|d|-3-0-4--| x8A|-3-0-4--|D|---0-4--|
back to breakdownwith flangerE|----------|b|----------|g|-5--------|d|-3-0-3-4-4| x5A|-3-0-3-4-4|D|---0-3-4-4|
Verse 2e|--------|b|--------|g|-5------|d|-3-0-3--| x8A|-3-0-3--|D|---0-3--|
bridge and riff over soloe|--------------|b|--------------|g|--------------|d|-4-4-4---5-5-5| A|-4-4-4---5-5-5|D|-4-4-4---5-5-5|
that’s all I got right now, I’ll do the rest later please rate and comment
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