Sepultura – Straight Hate tab


tune down to C ( plus dropped ) -> A# F ...

Part A---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5---4-4-4-4---7---8---7---4--4-4---5-p-4-4-4-4-/-7-h-8-p-7-/-4--4-4--
Part B-----------------13~----11~---------------------------------------
Part C-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8---5--8---5--8---5------------6-/-3--6-/-3--6-/-3-4-4-4-4------------------------4-4-4-4--
Part D---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------55555555-------------------------33333333--5p4-4---5p4-4---5p4-4-----------
Part E----------------------------------------------------------------5----3--------3------3-4--1-4-5-4--1-4------4----4-5-4----4---
Part F---------------------------------------------------------------------3---1-------1------4---4-5-4---4-
Part G-------------------------------------5-5-5-4--5-5-5-4-
Part H -------------------------------------------------------------------------------14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5--12-11-10--9--8-7-6-5-4-3---------------------------
Song order : ------------ Part A ( 4 x ) Part B I ask myself why I'm so hateful Perhaps it's just part of my nature People say I'm fucked it in my mind Feels like there's nothing left inside Part A ( 4 x ) Part B Walking now on different dirty street But the same old feeling still exists Hate is like a shade that won't never leave Leave me alone I don't need sympathy Part C ( 8 x ) What goes around Comes around You going down Down Straighthate - Straighthate Straighthate - Straighthate Part B Criticize and call me negative But you never deal with life or reality I separate myself from the rest What da fuck you expect ? Part C ( 8 x ) What goes around Comes around You're fucked up You going down You're fucked up You going down Down Straighthate - Straighthate Straighthate - Straighthate Straight fucking hate let ring last What goes around comes around Part D ( 4 x ) Part E ( 2 x ) Part F ( 2 x ) Part G ( 4 x ) Grow up in the ghettos Made me real To deal with my fears Muthafucker you don't understand Pain and Hate Part H Part D ( 4 x ) ------------- tabbed by Alen Ljubic and Swen Ehnle
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