Sepultura - A Look At Tomorrow tab

Band: SEPULTURA ( cover from Discharge )
Album: None. As played at the roskilde festival 1996
Tabbed by: Florent Campana 
web: { this is on Sepultura { this is on Max Cavalera

Verses------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------777/11/12---777/11/12---777/11/12---777/11/12---------555/9 /10---555/9 /10---555/9 /10---555/9 /10---------
Tomorrow, tomorrow, a look at tomorrow 1st verse: I Look Out My Window To A Blinding Bright Light Enola Passes, Passes By In the second verse, Max says: Let's fuck shit up in the motherfucking place yo! then the chorus And finally the third: Let's fuck shit up in the motherfucking place yo! Ok, here is the tab, so enjoy, it's really easy to play so, it's not hard and it's cool to play, that's the punk-rock philosophy! yo, i'm rappin' C-you later! NUTTY DEAD FUCKING RULES!!!!!!
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