Sepultura – Itsari tab

                 *             Tabbed by Arnar  8th sept '98                    *
                 *   Comments, corrections and all that  *


For a long time, I've been looking for this song or asking people to
tab it for me, (I had tried it myself and it didn't work out to good)
but no one seemed to know about it or have the time to tab it. So 
finally, I gave it allup, and decided to try again. So I took alot of 
time trying to figure it out, and here you have the result. Ofcorse, I
can't be sure if this is right, but it is just made to sound OK. and it
does that. I whould reccomend playing it along with the cd, to get the 
feeling for the strumming and all the little pieces witch are played 
like Andreas hardly touches the strings. 
I'm also including the solo (which was a shit to tab but sounds OK)
The bass riff in the solo is kind of strange, like it's played on
two guitars, but I arranged it for one. It's was hard to put the bass
notes in it, so if you see anything wrong there, like bass note not
on the correct place, please let me know. I could well believe that
kind of mistakes. 
The cords are almost the same as in the strumming part for JASCO.
I'm not puting the chords in tablature, so just have to find out
yourself how to strum it.
But let's get to the you are, and good luck!

Dropped "D" tuning
Drop down 1/2 step

1:Eb  4:Db   
2:Bb  5:Ab     
3:Gb  6:Db

Bass riff in the startEb-------|Bb-------|Gb-------|Db-----0-| Repeat and strum D chord a little in the startAb-------|Db-0-----|Chords in the two cord part: xx0232, xx454 Chords in the four chord part: xx0232, xx0134, xx0457, xx0578
sóló: Eb-------5-4~---5-4h5p4--------------------------2p0---0-2-0-------------|Bb-----7------7---------7----------------------3-----3-------3-3-3--3----|Gb-4/5--------------------5-4h5p4----------1/2---------------------------|Db----------0---------------0--------------------------0---------0-------|Ab-----------------------------------------------------------------------|Db-0--------------0------------------------0-----------------0-----------|
Eb-------2p0----------2p0------|Bb-----3-----3------3-----3----|Gb-1/2----------1/2------------| RepeatDb--------------0--------------|Ab-----------------------------|Db-0---------------------------|
Then it's just the same chords used through the song, but where the time is about 3:33 this chord progress comes: xx232 xx134 Just check it out. The rest should be easy to puzzle together with what you have. Enjoy -Arnar
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