Sepultura – Symptoms Of The Universe tab

Symptom of th Universe As covered by Sepultura

Available on the Roots Digipack

Symptom of the Universe originally recorded by
Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath.

Off the Live Album "Speak of the Devil"

Tab by Daniel M. Amitin

Main Riff...      Hold Note    ect, ect..

Bridge Back to Main riff...
Interlude (The rocking Part palyed very fast) Play at least 4 times, then on to Bridge, and to Main Riff.
Interlude 2 (Same as the First interlude, then onto the following... Ect, ect..
This is what comes to mind, I know there is more to the song (like the Outro) but I can't recall what it are some playing notes... On the main riff you can substiture the Ab chord for a Harmonic on the same Ab note, and then a subsequent bend and release of that note. (Or throw in your own fills, this is a great tune to walk all over) On the bridge it is important to hold the notes for the ammount of time, I can't tell you what it is using tab. Also on the A modular Chord, you should use your Tremelo bar to add some spice, or do it by hand. You will notice on the recording that the drummer and the Basist are really going to town during the jump in and join them! This is a great way to work on your improvisation skills... In the First Interlude the key to play fast, but keep your notes and clean, it is not as hard as it may look to you. On older vesions of this song the hammer on pull off combination going into the A chord will not exist, so throw those out if you want sound like them, or leave them in if you want to make it sound better. For the life of me I can't remember if that is the way Jake E. Lee played it on "Speak of the Devil", or if I added it, so again have fun with it. :D On the 2nd Interlude, just play it note for note, that is all the advice i can give, with practice you will get it, after all you know what the notes are. :D A final note would have to be my same old preach on tabbing solo's, I won't do it, becuase it will limit you more than anything else, figure it out yourself, or play your own over theres, you will become much better that way, and will learn to create your own style, of mimicing someone elses. Remember the goal of all this is to have fun (I hope), so do exactly that, Have fun. :D Daniel Send all comments or critisisms me through the centuries to supersonic years Electrifying enemy is drowning in his tears All I have to give you is a love that never dies The symptom of the universe is written in your eyes Yeah Mother mooch is calling me back to her silver womb Father of creation takes me from my stolen tomb Seventh night the unicorn is waiting in the skies A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies Yeah Take my hand, my child of love come step inside my tears Swim the magic ocean I've been crying all these years When our love will ride away into eternal skies A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies Yeah Oh my child of love's creation, come and step inside my dreams In your eyes I see no sadness, you are all that loving means Take my hand and we'll go riding through the sunshine from above We'll find happiness together in the summer skies of love
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