Serena Ryder - Sweeping The Ashes Acoustic chords

I love this song! Couldn't believe no-one had tabbed it yet.
Listen to the song for the rhythm etc. There's a lot of hammer ons and pull offs 
that you just need to add in whenever you feel necessary :)

These are the chords used:

Bsus Asus2 D G|---| |---| |-2-| |-3-||---| |-2-| |-3-| |-3-||-4-| |-2-| |-2-| |---||-4-| |---| |---| |---||-2-| |---| |---| |-2-||---| |---| |---| |-3-|
CAPO 9th FRET INTRO: Bsus / Asus2 / D / G VERSE:
Bsus Asus2 D GWish you would have told me when I was young
Asus2 D Asus2 GWhen I had space to fill and someone to become
Em Asus2 D Asus2 GCos darling I'm beside myself and I don't think that you
D Asus2 G D Asus2E G Asus2EKnow which one of me you are talking to
Bsus Asus2 DI'm tired of trying to make it up to you
Asus2 D GSweeping the ashes and hiding the truth
Bsus Asus2 DI'm tired of pretending everything's alright
Asus2 D G Em BsusLet me feel let me feel what I'm feeling tonight
(here she plays Bsus2 and then hammers on the third fret of low E every other strum) VERSE CHORUS BRIDGE: (lots of 'whoaahhs') Bsus / Bsus (add the third fret low e) / D / Asus2 Bsus/ G / Asus2 / D VERSE CHORUS That's pretty much it! Hopefully this is right, any corrections/suggestions/ questions just email :)
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