Serial Joe - Dragon On My Shoulder tab

T1: Jen Hennessy,, Serial Joe, Dragon On My Shoulder,

   S1: This song isn't to hard to play !!!! (: The Serial Joe CD is awesome you
   should get it !!!! (:, Dragon On My Shoulder (Serial Joe) 
   Tabbed by : Jen Hennessy 
   DownTuning: Drop D 

   P(on top of string lines)- palm mute 
   ^- bend 
   h- hammer on 
   p- pull off 


(P) (P) e------------------------------------- B------------------------------------- G------------------------------------- D------------------------------------- A-0h1-0-0h1-0-1h2-2------------------- D-0h1-0-0h1-0-1h2-2-------------------
e-------------------------|------------------- B---------------repeat x3-|------------------- G------------------then->-|---------------3--- D-------------------------|------------3-5---- A---------3---------------|---------3-5------- D-0-0-5h7---5-4^----------|-0-0-5h7-----------
e-----------------|------------------- B-----------------|------------------- G-----------------|------------------- D-----------------|-----------3p0----- A-----3h5-3h5-----|----3h5-3h5-------- D-0-0---------0-3-|-0-0---------------
e----------------------------------- B----------------------------------- G----------------------------------- D-----------------3--------4------5- A----3h5-7----3h5------3h5-----3h5-- D-0-0------0-0------0-0-----0-0-----
And so on.... Riff#1 x10 Riff#2 x4 Riff#3 x4 Riff#4 x2 Riff#2 x2 Riff#3 x4 Riff#4 x2 Guitar Solo(behind guitar solo is Riff#2 x2) Riff#2 x2
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