Serj Tankian - Feed Us Acoustic tab

			     Feed Us Acoustic - Serj Tankian
Tabbed by: joey_c_13

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

I know the actual song uses different tuning but this is the way I like to play it with 


- The intro is a mixture of chords (not really sure what there names are)
and the riff below.

Chords used: (timing not shown)

Riff played throughout intro / verse:
Then the chorus: Em G Am You cheat us when you feed us with the lie, C Stars look out and, Em G Am Cheat us when you feed us with the lie, C Stars look out, The bridge: C G* Do you know that life is ending, F G* As we go, the dots connecting, C G* We had our chance to save the garden, F G* As it dies, our souls will harden, C G* With these words chastising your conscience F G* Were breaking through and praying for transcendence. - The end of the bridge is like the intro. Chords ------------------- Em (022000) G (320033) Am (577xxx) C (x355xx) G* (3554xx) F (133xxx)
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