Serj Tankian - Falling Stars tab version 3

			     Falling Stars by Serj Tankian
While I know UG's policy on intro tabs amd that there's another similar
tab already uploaded I decided to include this because while the other 
tab is helpful (it's what I used to play this song) I realized the 
difficulty for folks like me who disobeyed the laws of nature and decided
that even with stubby fingers they would play guitar and I made this version
which requires less movement up and down the neck so without further
blabbery heres my guitar tab for the intro of Serj Tankian's beautiful piece: "Falling stars"

Tuning is standard.

And then repeat 'til the song picks up. I'll try to tab the rest over time to see if I can get a full version up. Any questions or comments can be sent to my UG account Never stop playing! - Audio Squid
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