Seth Lakeman – White Hare tab

			     The White Hare - Seth Lakeman
Tabbed by: Danscomb

Tuning: Standard Tuning (E,A,D,G,B,E) Capo 3rd

Chords Used (relative to capo)

G Cadd9 D Em7e|--3------3-----2-----3-----|B|--3------3-----3-----3-----|G|--0------0-----2-----0-----|D|--0------2-----0-----2-----|A|--2------3-----------2-----|E|--3------------------0-----|
Fill (used in intro and before chorus)
Intro: G, D, Em7, Cadd9 (fill in between each chord for intro) [Verse 1] G I heard her in the valley, D I heard her in the dead of night, Em7 The warning of a white hare, Cadd9 Her eyes burning bright. G Careful you don't catch her, D Or give her right of way, Em7 For she will look upon you, Cadd9 (fill) And steal your soul away. [Chorus] D G Cadd9 For the white hare is calling, D She's dancing in the night, G Cadd9 She'll be out 'till the morning, D With her eyes burning bright, G Cadd9 The white hare is calling you. All verses are the same as verse one, and all choruses are the same, [Verse 2] Out upon the heather, A shadow came onto me, Her hair was hanging over, Her face I could not see. She ran behind the rocks, I heard the hounds cry, The image of a woman, Her head she held up high. [Chorus] [Bridge] Cadd9 You can hear her calling, Every night, You can hear her call. [Verse 3] If you go hunting, Or calling out your prey, Well if you see a fair maid, Her hair in ashen grey. Oh careful you don't catch her, Or give her right of way, For she will look upon you, And steal your soul away. [Chorus] [Outro] Cadd9 Calling out your name, I hear her coming on, She's calling out your name. Official Site -
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