Seven Mary Three - Devil Boy tab

Tabbed By:Justin Harmon

this is an alternate way of playing it which I think is easier especially if you just 
want to do like an acoustic cover yourself or something. Enjoy!

CAPO 2ND FRET!!! all chords relative to capo,so when I say put your finger on the second 
fret that means the 2nd fret from the capo

Prechorus: F C Hey devil boy F C Were going to blow youre house in F C Hey devil boy F C What do you think of that? Chorus: F C for heaven's sake F C it's only been 2000 years F C and I can't wait any F C longer for you Thats it,its the same all the way through the whole song so hope this helps someone out. P.S. I LOVE THIS BAND!!!
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