Seven Places – Sleepers chords

Song:Song: Sleepers
Band: Seven Places

Capo 1

Intro: Em D/F# C X2

EmI went back to the park
D/F# CWhere we used to sit and talk for hours
EmWe'd laugh and make our plans
D/F# CWe swore that we’d be friends forever
Em D/F#But oh how things change
CDid you see this coming, it caught me off guard
Em D/F# CI’d never though I’d see you forsake your first love
G Em D/F#It’s been such a long, long time since we have talked
G Em D/F#It’s been such a long long time since we’ve seen eye to eye
GUsed to feel the same
D/F#It’s obvious to me
Em D/F#Dreamt the same dreams but now you’re awake
CAnd I’m still sleeping
Em G C (x2)
Em GWinters in the air and the wind it
CStings like ice or
Em GMaybe those are just the tears freezing
CIn my eyes I
Em G Wish I could see you
CTell you nothing’s changed
Em GThe God you once loved with all of your heart
CStayed the same, stayed the same, stayed the same
CAnd I’m still sleeping(x4)
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