Seven Places – Like It Never Happened tab

intro:e------------------------5--5------------------B----------8---8---8-----------8---------------G------------7---7---7-----------7------------- 2xD----------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------
verse1: G As deep, as deep as the ocean floor C2 As high, as high as the eagle soars G As far, as far as a falling star can go C2 You've taken all of my mistakes And put them anywhere but close G They have gone away, chorus: G C2 From the east to the west G C2 D G Any height, any depth, that's where it goes G C2 G C2 From the ground to the sky, from low to high D G That's where it goes G D You act just like, like it never happened intro:2x verse2: G Asleep, asleep, asleep am I in a dream? C2 You're in this life, someone pinch me G So good, so good you'd think I would be in a trance C2 Your forgiving weighs in every circumstance chorus: verse3: G Deep, wide, low, high, my sins have gone away C2 And if I'm up, down, or all around I can G C2 G Hear you say they have gone away G They have gone away chorus:4x
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