Seven Places - Fall In Line tab

Artist:Seven places
Song  :Fall in line

IntroE|--12--------19---------12-------------|B|------12---------19--------12~-----19-|G|----12---------19--------12------19---| twice (that goes the same way forD|--------------------------------------| the verse)A|--------------------------------------|e|--------------------------------------|
After first time use a tremolo effect the drums kick in ...then...
E|------------|B|------------| this is used for the chorus too with distortionsG|----7--4--5-|D|-5--7--4--5-|A|-5--5--2--3-|e|-3----------| G D Bm C but in power chord for eltrc gtr
Verse: (this is for the acoustic guitar while the electric plays the intro) G D Em7 If you're sitting down get on your feet G D Em7 Let's wake up those who are asleep G D March on, left to right to left again Em7 Our feet in sync to this rhythym G D Em7 Conducted by the hand of the saving One Pre-Chorus C2 G Em7 D Report, fall in line, big mission with little time C2 G Em7 D (hit once) Salute, stand tall, with one voice answers the call Chorus: G D Em7 C2 G D Em7 C2 while electric play the 2nd intro Hear us say Jesus Verse 2: (same as Verse 1) Where are we while the world caves in? Are we showing love or hate, are we enemy or friend What was black and white has now turned grey Let's right this wrong with love today Stand our ground but with a helping hand Pre-chorus C2 G Em7 D Report, fall in line, big mission with little time C2 G Em7 D C2 C2 C2 (strum 3 times) Salute, stand tall, with one voice answer the call Chorus G D Em7 C2 G D Em7 C2 palm mute on C after first time Hear us say Jesus x2 Bridge: G C2 G D C2 G C2 D Halle Hallelujah Ha lle Hallelujah G C2 G D So sing it out now, with one voice loud and clear G C2 G D Sing Hallelujah, for our Redemption's near Chorus Hear us say Jesus x2 Ending Chorus: (same chords as chorus chords) It's time for us to stand up and speak the truth of His love It's time to let the world know we've got something to say It's time for us to lift our hands until the world understands Jesus the reigning King is alive and well today. Bridge x2 let G ring to end the song
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