Sevendust – Feed tab

this is the solo to feed, probably the best solo ever written and there isnt one tab on
im gonna post the song soon i think.. havent finished it all of yet. but im working on
D:. its real hard the next part to work out. im having a hard time with it. so if anyone 
to help, thanks.

Drop Bb or A#
whatever you like to call it.


C |----------------------------------------------|G |----------------------------------------------|D#|---/7~---7/-9/10-9/2---/7~---7/-9/10h9/5------|A#|----------------------------------------------|F |----------------------------------------------|A#|----------------------------------------------|
He kind bends the 7 at first, listen to the song and your get what i mean.
C |-------------------------------|G |-------------------------------|D#|-------------------------------|A#|--8-10-13~-13-15/8-10-12~//----|F |-------------------------------|A#|-------------------------------|
C |------------------------------------------|G |------------------------------------------|D#|--12-14-10~~-10-12-14-12-10-9-10-9-5-10~--|A#|------------------------------------------|F |------------------------------------------|A#|------------------------------------------|
Thats all i got so far. And i just use one finger :]] and i slide mostly everything on there. And it sound spot on. :]
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