Seventh Day Slumber - Shattered Life tab


Guitar 1 F Dme|---------1-----------1-----1--------------------------|b|-----------1---1-------1----1-----------3---3---3-----|g|-------2-----2-----2-----2----------------2-------2---|d|-----3--------------------------------0-------0-----0-|a|---3--------------------------------0-----------------|e|-1--------------------------------0-------------------|
Verse 1 Guitar 1- Repeat Intro Until Chorus Guitar 2- Play Chords F C ĎCause wanting more from me is tearing me, Itís breaking me F Dm But what you wantís not mine to give F C Iím your dollar sign, your brand new house, your product line F Dm When youíre done with me Iím spent F Dm When the smoke is gone I have to face what Iíve becomeÖ Part between verse and Chorus Guitar 1- Repeat In Chorus (Listen For It)
Chorus F C Dm Will you rescue me? Could you get me out alive? C F Iím trying to hold on but Iíve lost the will to fight C Dm C Will you rescue me? Take me far away from this shattered life Verse 2 F C F How can I go on pretending that thereís nothing wrong? Dm Life has brought me to my knees F C This mask I hide behind is killing me, Thereís nothing left F Dm Is there anyone who feels like me? F Dm When the smoke is gone I have to face what Iíve become... Repeat Chorus After Chorus It goes into this
Thatís all there is to it. I have never seen Seventh Day Slumber in concert, so when play it live, it will probably sound different. I am 90% sure this is correct, if you have comments, post them on the site Your fellow punk, Dave
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