Sex Pistols - Not Your Stepping Stone tab

tabbed by:	Rick Peeters

Song:		Not your stepping stone
Artist:		The sex pistols
Cd:		Kiss This

A C D F51)------------------------------------------------2)------------------------------------------------3)------------------------------------------------4)-----------------------7-7-7-7--10-10-10-10-----5)-7-7-7-7--10-10-10-10--5-5-5-5---8--8--8--8-----6)-5-5-5-5---8--8--8--8---------------------------
A G Fm F1)------------------------------------------------2)------------------------------------------------3)------------------------------------------------4)-7-X-7-5-X-5-4-X-4-3----------------------------5)-7-X-7-5-X-5-4-X-4-3----------------------------6)-5-X-5-3-X-3-2-X-2-1----------------------------
This is it actually, these two little riffs, there's also a little solo in this song, but i can't figure it out, just listen to the record if you want to know when to play witch riff, email me with questions, tips, or whatever. remember: peace, love, empathy.
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