Sex Pistols – Great Rock And Roll Swindle tab

The Great Rock and Roll Swindle
Sex Pistols

Esta es una de mis canciones favoritas de los Pistols, porque tiene un titulo
re groso y una letra de la reputa madre. Los acordes son re simples, son todas quintas.

Intro x2

D#5 A#5 C5 A#5 G#5e|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|---8---------------------------|D|---8------8-----10---8---6-----|A|---6------8-----10---8---6-----|E|----------6------8---6---4-----|
D#5 A#5 D#5 A#5e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|---8------------6-----------|D|---8------8-----6-----8-----|A|---6------8-----8-----8-----|E|----------6-----------6-----|
Verso x2
G#5 A#5e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|----------------------|D|---6-----------8------|A|---6-----------8------|E|---4-----------6------|People said... But the only notes...
El estribillo es igual a la intro: D#5 A#5 The time is right to do it now C5 A#5 G#5 The greatest rock and roll swindle D#5 A#5 D#5 A#5 The time is right to do it now!!! Verso 2 G#5 EMI said you're out of hands and they gave us the boot A#5 But they couldn't sack us just like that without giving us the loot Thank you kindly A&M They said we were out of bounds But that ain't bad for two weeks work and 75.000 pounds Estribillo Verso 3 I just wanna play with my band Are you good enough for me? Hey boys, I'm the choosen one Can't you fuckin see? I'm a jealous god and I want everything And I love you with a knife I take you if yore ready for me And I give you my life Estribillo Outro D#5 C5 A#5 Rock and roll swindle!!! Rock and roll swindle!!! Rock and roll swindle!!! D#5 A#5 Rock and roll!!! Y despues empieza a putear y no se q mierda dice... Listo loko, eso es todo, si hay algun yanki q sepa la letra al fina q me la mande a Aguanten los Sex Pistols, Cipolletti y el CEM 17 loko!!!
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