Seymores – 2 75 tab

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From: UltraLemon 
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 22:58:28 EDT
Subject: s/seymores/

artist: the seymores
song: $2.75
album: treat her like a polecat (or) 1,000 ilb. grr'lla
written by: the seymores
transcribed by: bRad Snyder (

[B5]  [G5]  [C5]  [B5]  [Bm]
[A5]  [G5]  [B5]  [E5]  [E]
[B5] Try for a [G5] while [C5] before you dis- [B5] cover [Bm]
[A5] Took 30 [G5] days [B5] before you re- [E5] cover [E]
[B5] Happy as [G5] clowns [C5] sealed on a [B5] shelf [Bm]
[A5] Waving your [G5] tea [B5] hiding your [E5] hell [E]

[G5] ooh  [E5]  [C5]

[B5] Your biggest [G5] day [C5] your bag is [B5] film  [Bm]
[A5] Eating the [G5] crumbs [B5] out of your [E5] hand  [E]
[B5] Polishing [G5] dirt [C5] polishing [B5] sand  [Bm]
[A5] Fell to your [G5] knees [B5] before you could [E5] land  [E]

[G5] ooh  [E5]  [C5]
[G5] Scattered [E5] smothered [C5] uncovered
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