Shack – Loaded Man tab

Artist-Shack (Michael Head and the Strands)
Song-Loaded Man
Album-The Magical World of the Strands
Writer-John Head
Tabbed by S. McNally

Intro Em C Em-10---10---10-----8----8----8------9----9----9------9----10---9---------------------------------------Strum quickly and lightly
Cadd9-Em7 (2x) Verse 1 Cadd9 Sailing town Em7 Eternal deep Cadd9 Where is the dark Is it light Em7 But can you see? Verse 2 Cadd9 Do you think Em7 Do you feel Cadd9 Do you know Where you are Em7 Or where you've been Chorus Cadd9 Em7 Loaded Man, Loaded man Cadd9 Em7 Loaded man, Loaded man Verse 3 Golden heart Hidden deep By the disguise that you wear to deceive Verse 4 I regret Every day What I done Didn't do What I'd say Chorus Loaded Man, Loaded Man Loaded man, loaded man Verse 5 If the wind changed its way And blew you back To the shore Someday Vers 6 Would you change? Would it change? Or would it all Just be the same Where we could say Chorus Loaded man, Loaded man Loaded man, loaded man loaded man, loaded man loaded man, loaded man Loaded Man
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