Shack - As Long As Ive Got You tab

Song-As Long As I've Got You
Album-Here's Tom With The Weather
Writer-Mick Head
Tabbed by S. McNally


Verse 1
Morning paper soaking from the rain
And Kilroy's hands turn blue
Feed the cats the fish the dogs the same
And soaking through and through

Bm                     D
All through this wintertime
G            D      A
This hobbled bitter pain
And I don't care what anybody says
As long as I've got you

Verse 2
I've heard the song and birdies on the lane
So beautiful so true
It was late I couldn't say his name
But somehow it was you

All through the night
The melodies ease my brain
I left her asking where am I on the lane
And find out just for you

Morning paper soaking from the rain
But as long as I've got 
As long as I've got you
AS long as I've got you.
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