Shades Of Clear – A Wonderful Life tab

Song:  A Wonderful Life
Band:  Shades of Clear

This is the new single off of SOC's new CD "The Fusion of Everything Good",
it was pretty easy to figure out, and I think I got most of it right, enjoy.
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E  0
B  0
G  2
D  2
A  2
E  0

** the intro is played with the lead guitar playing the main riff

        1     2     3     4     1     2     3     4

E 5--------------5--7--5-|7/9-7-----------------|B -----------------------|------10--------------|G -----------------------|---------9------------|D -----------------------|----------------------|A -----------------------|----------------------|E -----------------------|----------------------|
E ---------------5--7--5-|7/9-7-----------------|B -----------------------|------9---------------|G -----------------------|---------7------------|D -----------------------|----------------------|A -----------------------|----------------------|E -----------------------|----------------------|
E ---------------5--7--5-|7/9-7-----------------|B -----------------------|------7---------------|G -----------------------|---------5------------|D -----------------------|----------------------|A -----------------------|----------------------|E -----------------------|----------------------|
E ---------------5--7--5-|7/9-7--5-5------------|B -----------------------|----------------------| play twiceG -----------------------|----------------------|D -----------------------|----------------------|A -----------------------|----------------------|E -----------------------|----------------------|
A C#m Thoughts, of you and your friends D They keep me together E You're one step ahead A VERSE 1 Don't leave me behind C#m You, have you no shame D I don't want forever E Just keep it the same C D 'Cause when I have the spotlight G G/F# Em PRECHORUS 1 I leave it all behi----------nd C D E? E And forget that sooner or later all your promises turn to lies Bm G This can't be me, screaming from the stage D A Trying to be the one, calling out your name. CHORUS Bm G I looked into the crystal, I never wished for fame D A I only want to be great, I know they're not the same.
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 let ringE 2--------2--2--0------|---------------------|B 3--------3--3--2------|---------------------|G 4--------4--4--2------|---------------------|D 4--------4--4--2------|---------------------|A 2--------2--2--0------|---------------------|E x--------------0------|---------------------|
let ringE 3--------3--3--2------|---------------------|B 3--------3--3--2------|---------------------|G 0--------0--0--3------|---------------------|D 0--------0--0--4------|---------------------|A 2--------2--2--4------|---------------------|E 3--------3--3--2------|---------------------|
VERSE 2 C D There was nothing you could do G G/F# Em PRECHORUS 2 To help me before I di---------ed C D E? E I'm just disappointed 'cause you promised you would bring me back to life CHORUS
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 let ringE 2--------2--x--0------|----------0--0--0--0-|B 3--------3--x--2------|----------2--2--2--2-|G 4--------4--x--2------|----------2--2--2--2-|D 4--------4--x--2------|----------2--2--2--2-|A 2--------2--x--0------|----------0--0--0--0-|E x-----------x--0------|----------0--0--0--0-|
let ringE 3--------3--x--0------|----------0--0--x--x-|B 3--------3--x--2------|----------2--2--x--x-|G 0--------0--x--2------|----------2--2--x--x-|D 0--------0--x--2------|----------2--2--x--x-| play 4 timesA 2--------2--x--0------|----------0--0--x--x-|E 3--------3--x--0------|----------0--0--x--x-|
C All these people I can't stand to miss D All this shit just overwhelms me I can't handle it G G/F# Em I wanna die--- C It's all turning out exactly like the time before D The race isn't over but you can't run anymore E? E You wanna cry------ CHORUS ** this is the part where it really slows down and gets very quiet
E 5-----5-----5-----5----|4-----4-----4-----4----|B 5-----5-----5-----5----|5-----5-----5-----5----|G ---6-----6-----6-----6-|---6-----6-----6-----6-|D -----------------------|-----------------------|A -----------------------|-----------------------|E -----------------------|-----------------------|
E 5-----5-----5-----5----|7-----7-----7-----7----| play 3 times B 7-----7-----7-----7----|9-----9-----9-----9----| 1st alone
G ---7-----7-----7-----7-|---9-----9-----9-----9-| 2nd + 3rd with leadD -----------------------|-----------------------| 3rd with drumsA -----------------------|-----------------------|E -----------------------|-----------------------|
** it builds up towards the outro, and the chords and lead move up two steps outro chords: B D#m E F# verse2 lyrics: Stop, help me to my feet Can't you see that I'm severed Lead me to my bed Unfold the blankets As I drift off to sleep Will me to heaven As I will to you And I hope you know that
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