Shades Of Clear - Time And A Place tab

Song:  Time and a Place
Band:  Shades of Clear

** this is the second SOC song I've tabbed out, send any questions/comments
   or praise towards Shades of clear to

D       A       G

G--7- G---- G----|D--7- D--7- D--5-|A--5- A--7- A--5-|E--x- E--5- E--3-|
** the verse riff repeats and goes like this Guitar2 D A G
E ------5-----------5----|------5-----------5----|B ---3-----3-----3-----3-|---3-----3-----3-----3-|G 2-----------2----------|0-----------0----------|D -----------------------|-----------------------|A -----------------------|-----------------------|E -----------------------|-----------------------|
VERSE 1 When I was just a little boy, my dad leaned down and said to me If you're looking for the right path, forget the pot and LSD But I forgot the time and place, my mouth is feelin kinda dry And I'm just looking for a place, where I can get high, Yeah I can get high Chorus riff
E -----------------------|-----------------------|B ------3-----------2----|-----------------------|G -----------------------|------0-----------0----|D ---4-----4-----2-----2-|-----------------------|A 2-----------0----------|---2-----2-----2-----2-|E -----------------------|3-----------3----------|
All I need is the time and place, All I want is a friendly face Seems this world always had something new to try (play main riff once then back to chorus riff) All I need is the time and place I only hope I can win this race Seems this world always hands me something new to try Interlude
E ------5-----------5----|------5-----------5----|B ---3-----3-----3-----3-|---3-----3-----3-----3-|G -----------------------|-----------------------|D 0-----------0----------|2-----------2----------|A -----------------------|-----------------------|E -----------------------|-----------------------|
E ------5-----------5----|------5-----------5----|B ---3-----3-----3-----3-|---3-----3-----3-----3-|G -----------------------|0-----------0----------|D 4-----------4----------|-----------------------| play twiceA -----------------------|-----------------------|E -----------------------|-----------------------|
VERSE 2 So take the long road if you want it'l be the easy one for me If ignorance is bliss I'll take a blissful memory And if you've got some nice wheels then pop the clutch and let'er fly 'Cause we're both looking for a place, where we can get high Yeah we can get high CHORUS Solo (played over top of the chorus riff) 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
E -----------------------|----------------------|B -----------------------|----------------------|G ---------------10------|----------------------|D --12-10-12--------12---|----------------------|A -----------------------|----------------------|E -----------------------|----------------------|
E -----------------------|----------------------|B -----------------------|----------------------|G ---------------10-12b13|----------------------|D --12-10-12-------------|----------------------|A -----------------------|----------------------|E -----------------------|----------------------|
E -----------------------|-----------------------|B -----------------------|-----------------------|G ---------------10------|-----------10----------|D --12-10-12--------12---|--12-10-12----12-10-12-|A -----------------------|-----------------------|E -----------------------|-----------------------|
E -----------------------|----------------------|B -----------------------|----------------------|G ---------------10-12b13|-----------12p10------|D --12-10-12-------------|----------------12----|A -----------------------|----------------------|E -----------------------|----------------------|
E -----------------------|-----------------------|B -----------------------|-----------------------|G -----------------------|-----------------10-10-|D -----------------------|-----------10h12-10-10-|A -----------------------|-----------------------|E -----------------------|-----------------------|
let ringE -10--------------------|----------------------|B -----------------------|----------------------|G -----------------------|----------------------|D -----------------------|----------------------|A -----------------------|----------------------|E -----------------------|----------------------|
VERSE 3 A pile of money on the table a plie of cash that's on the floor But you'd give it all away for a chance at something more Is that a smile on your face, or are you starting to cry It'll all be better in a place, where we can get high Yeah we can get high
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