Shadows Fall - Will To Rebuild tab

Band/Artist - Shadows Fall
Song/Title - Will To Rebuild
Album - Fallout From The War - Out 2 Days Ago - June 13th 2006 -
Transcribed By - Killswitch_mike

Guitar I - Matthew Bachand - Dropped C - C-G-C-F-A-D - Low To High
Guitar II - Jonathon Donais - Dropped C - C-G-C-F-A-D - Low To High

Version 1.0 - 15/06/06


 - Guitar I & II -

D||----------------------------------||---------------||A||----------------------------------||---------------|| Repeat The FirstF||----------------------------------||---------------|| Bar 3 Times ThenC||--1p0-------1p0-------6h5--3h5----||---0~---1~---3-|| Finish It Off WithG||--1p0-------1p0-------6h5--3h5----||---0~---1~---3-|| The End Bar.C||--1p0--000--1p0--000--6h5--3h5----||---0~---1~---3-|| ... ...
Repeat all of this 4 times but, theres a variation in the last bar, it goes like this...
Interlude; Guitar I & II
Guitar I
Guitar II - Rest - Then The Same Happens But Guitar Parts Switch, See The Speaker Change. Thats all i have, sorry if it isnt enough, Please rate and comment it. Cheers Mike
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