Shakey Graves – Built To Roam chords

Artist: Shakey Graves
Song: Built to Roam
Album: Roll the Bones
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Capo 4

G G7 CThis lazy living, yeah it sure tastes good
G G7 CLet's make a killing down in Hollywood
G G7 CAnd buy ourselves some nice fancy home in the hills
G G7 CSpend all our fancy old time spending ten dollar bills
C C DDa da da da da, da da da da da
EmWatch out cause here I come born and lazy
GYeah here I come, no dignity
EmSo long sad city of angels
C GYou ain't been very good to me
EmYou take the blood right from my body
GYeah you take that bone out of my spine
Em C GSo long sunny California, you ain't no friend of mine
G G7 CSo New York City, yeah, I'll see you soon
G G7 CSpend all my money on some elbow room
G G7 CYeah wander around like I got some place fancy to go
G G7 Cohh I'm the king of Brooklyn for all you know
Em Watch out cause here I come born and lazy
GYeah here I come, just passing through
EmFollow me beyond the mountain
C GHowl at the old big moon
EmYeah, strip them clothes right off your body
GDress your skin in sticks and stones
EmDoesn't matter where we're heading cause
CSome of us were built
CSome of us were built
C GSome of us were built to roam
--------------------------------------- My lazy best take at the song. Basic chord outline.
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