Shane And Shane – Vision Of You tab

Vision of You 
Shane and Shane 
D      	    xx0230  
Dmaj7  	    xx0220  
D7     	    xx0210  
D/Bb        x1x032 => x1x030
G      	    3x0033 
Bm     	    7x0770 
D/F#  	    2x0232
F           x33210 
G (Bridge)  x55430

D            Dmaj7     D7
 Come meet us, King Jesus
D7                 G                 D/Bb
 Oh wind of change blow through this temple
D                   Dmaj7                  D7
 Sweet spirit of God, come and mend our hearts
D7             G                      D/Bb
 For all we have are songs unless You come    

Awaken what’s inside of me 
Tune my heart to all You are in me 
Bm                    D/F#   G
Even though You’re here, God come 
May the vision of You be the death of me 
    G                                  Bm
And even though You’ve given everything 
D/F#  G       D/Bb
Jesus come 

Verse 2
Come free us, King Jesus 
It’s the only way that freedom is given 
For You and You alone in the work You’ve already done 
All we have are songs, unless You come 

F          G
Here we are, in this place 
F       G
Crying out for Your embrace 
F               G
To hear Your voice more than songs 
F         D
Please come (Jesus Come)
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