Shane And Shane – Wounded chords

Shane Barnard
Key: E

Capo 4

Chorded by weksa
How I play it:

G C D/F# C
G C D/F#

Verse 1:
F G CWhy since You've wounded my heart
F GDon't You heal it? Why don't You heal?
F G Am Am/GAnd why since You've stolen my heart
F GDo You leave it so? Oh this heart of stone.
F G C/EWhy don't You carry away my heart?
F GYou have stolen and left here broken.
F G Am Am/G FWhy don't You carry away my heart already taken?
Verse 2:
F G C...The dawning of a new heart
F G CWhere stone begins to bleed.
F G AmFor the arrow of God that runs through me
F GLeaves me in need, here in need.
Chorus Bridge (x2):
FHow long? (Oh how long?)
GHow long? (Oh how long?)
F GHow long? (Oh how long?)
Chorus (x2) Transition to "Healed" Am F G (x3) Am C [x34030] G C D/F# C (x3) G C Am [x8x088] or maybe it's [x8x788] Am F G (x3) Am C [x34030] G C D/F# C (x? til end)
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