Shane And Shane – The Lords Prayer chords

The Lord's Prayer
Shane and Shane

The strumming pattern on this song is different from most songs.. In the intro and the verse, 
the guitar strums first the middle strings of the chord and then the high string. This goes for
all Am's, Dm's, and all G's in the intro and verse. The G chord is a little different different 
still. Follow the G riff for the second part of the G chord. Listen to the song to find it.

Also, there are variations of the F and the C chords. I am trying to figure those out right now.. 
I will edit when I get them down.

Capo 1

Am Riffe:|-0--------------------|B:|-1---0----------------|G:|-2------2--0----------|D:|-2------------3--2--0-|A:|-0--------------------|E:|----------------------|
G Riffe:|-3-----|B:|-----3-|G:|-------|D:|---0---|A:|-------|E:|-------|
[Intro] Am Riff Dm Am G [Verse 1]
F G Am Riff DmOur Father who art in heaven
Am GHallowed be Thy Name
F G Am Riff DmThy kingdom, Thy kingdom come
Am GThy will be done
F G C FOn earth as it is in heaven
F G C FOn earth as it is in heavenn-nnn-nnn
G F All Yours-ors-ors
G F it is all yours-ors-ors
Am/C G Fis the kingdom
G Fthe power
G the glory
C Fforever
[Bridge](Same as intro) Am Riff Dm Am G [Verse 2] same as 1st verse [Chorus]x2 [Outro]
Am RiffEnd on Dm
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