Shane Piasecki - She Fall Like Rain tab

umm this is my very first tab.. so please be nice.. I'm not really 100% sure but
i think its about right.. it is pretty accurate
and yeah please comment ^^

thank you..guit1E|-----3---0h2-2p0|----3---0h2-2h3|-3p2--2--2--2--2|--2h3-3-3-3-----|B|-----3---3---3--|----3---3---3--|-3----3--3--3--3|--3---3-3-3-----|G|-----0---2---2--|----0---2---2--|-2----2--2--2--2|--2---2-2-2-----|D|---0------------|--0------------|------0--0--0--0|--0---0-0-0-----|A|-3--------------|---------------|----------------|----------------|E|----------------|-0-------------|----------------|----------------|
guit2 (pretty much the bass parts...)E|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|-------0---4-----|A|-3---------------|E|----0------------|
well thats about it through the whole song.. please let me know if there are corrections need to be done thank you :)
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