Shangri Las - Its Easier To Cry tab

It's Easier to Cry

E            D
They said forget about him,
E            D
Youíre better off without him,
E          D                    G#m7    F#m7
Go out and find yourself another gu-u-u-y

G#m7  F#m7           G#m7     C
But I love him so, I canít forget him
E   D                  E   D
No, No, Itís easier to cry

(ooohhh )They say stop thinking bout him,
(ooohhh ) You really didnt love him,
He was just something you had to try.


They say no use in crying,
A girls got to keep on trying,
But if he doesnít come back, I'll just die.


by: Josť Duarte
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