Shangri Las - Right Now And Not Later tab

Right Now and Not Later
Listen to me baby and listen real good
You know you're not treating me as good as you should
Every time I call you here by my side
You have some excuse and I want to know why

D#                F           D#                F#
Right now and not later baby, right now and not later.
       Bb           F        D#                 F     
'Cause later may be too late I gotta know right now.
I mean right now and not later baby right now and not later baby

There's something wrong and it's starting to show
And I don't wanna be the last to know
So if there's someone else standing in our way
Then I think there's something that you ought to say


If we can't be lovers we can still be friends,
'Cause life goes on even though love ends.
Boy if you still want romance,
Maybe I'll give you just one more chance.


by: Josť Duarte
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