Shangri Las - Long Live Our Love tab

Long Live Our Love

     Am						 Gm      E
When Johnny comes marching home again, Hooray, Hurrah.

D    E        A F#m  D    E        A
Long live our love,  long live our happiness,
D        E        A    F#m   D    E        A
Hereís a toast to happiness, long live our love.

A  			     F#m          D      E	          A            
When we were childhood sweethearts, we had made a simple vow,
                      F#m         D       E	      A
We vowed to love each other and I know we wonít stop now.


But somethingís come between us and its not another girl,
But a lot of people need you there is trouble in the world.

Spoken: Its the fighting that has come between us, and its
taken you far far away.
But please donít wonder if Ill be faithful, youíre in my heart both night and day.
So, darling, I send my love to you, while you are fighting overseas,
And, I know one day, if we are lucky, God will send you back to me.


When Johnny comes marching home again, Hooray, Hurrah..
Please Lord, donít let anything happen to him, Please Iím waiting for you Johnny, Iím waiting.

Chorus 2X

by: Josť Duarte
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