Shania Twain - Getcha Good tab

Getcha Good by Shania Twain
Tabbed by: Sexy Shawn

Sorry I messed up on the previous version! I missed out some chords.

Tuning:Standard (eBGDAE)

With Distortione--------------------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------------------D-----8---8-8--6/8---------------------------------------A-----8---8-8--6/8---------------------------------------E-----6---4-4--4/4----(10)------------------------------- X2
"Lets go!"
e---------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------G---------------------------------------------------------D-----8---8-8--6/8--------11--11--9/10--------------------A-----8---8-8--6/8--------11--11--9/10--------------------E-----6---6-6--4/6--------9----9----7/8------------------- X2
The next bit is the same but with bass notes only. Thanks for lookin at my tab. This is my second tab now (I messed up on my first version) so don't try to kill me just yet!
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