Shania Twain – Shes Not Just A Pretty Face tab

                 SHE'S NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE - Shania Twain
Tabbed by: Scott Brenneman

Tuning: standard

Intro: (Timing = 1 + 2 + 3 + a 4 e +) E5 A2e|:--0-0-0-0----|---0-0-0-0---:|B|----4---4-4---|----4---4-4---|G|--4---4----4--|--4---4----4--|D|--------------|--------------|A|--------------|--------------|E|:-------------|-------------:|
Oh na na na na... Verse 1: (E5 and A2 alternate every 4 beats) She hosts a TV show She rides the rodeo She plays the bass in a band She's an astronaut A valet at the parking lot A farmer working the land She is a champion She gets the gold She's a ballerina The star of the show Chorus 1: E5-F#5-B2-B2 E5-F#5-A2-A2
She's... ...not... just a pretty faceE5-F#5-B2-B2 E5-F#5-A2-A2She's... everything it takes
Verse 2: (E5 and A2 alternate every 4 beats) She has a fashion line A journalist for "Time" Coaches a football team She's a geologist A romance novelist She is a mother of three She is a soldier She is a wife She is a surgeon She'll save your life Chorus 2: E5-F#5-B2-B2 E5-F#5-B2-B2
She's... ...not... just a pretty faceE5-F#5-B2-B2 E5-F#5-A2-A2
She's... everything it takesE5-F#5-B2-B2 E5-F#5-B2-B2
She's... ...mother... of the human raceE5-F#5-B2-B2 E5-F#5-A2-A2She's... everything it takes(Oh, oh, yeah)
Instrumental: E5-F#5-B2-B2 E5-F#5-A2-A2e|:--0-0-0-0----|---0-0-0-0---:|B|----4---4-4---|----4---4-4---|G|--4---4----4--|--4---4----4--| <-- 2xD|--------------|--------------| A|--------------|--------------|E|:-------------|-------------:|
Rhythm guitar continues with this pattern. Lead line overtop of these chords (every 4 beats). E5 A2 E5 A2 E5 B2 E5 B2 (Sorry, I play the keyboard, not the guitar. I have enough understanding to tab out that simple little rhythm part and the basic notes to the rest of the instrumental, but not to tab out the whole thing) Bridge: (stay on F#2) She is your waitress She is your judge She is your teacher She is every woman in the world Ending: (E5 B2 C#m A2 alternate every 2 beats) No, she's (she's) not (not) just a pretty face She's (she's) got (got) everything it takes She's not just a pretty face She's got everything it takes E5-E5 B2 A2 E5-F#5-A2-A2 She's... not... just a pretty face!
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