Sharon Van Etten – All I Can chords

Really diggin' this song lately.

You can throw an E7 or A7 in at a few places for fun, but it sounds fine without it. She
changes up how long she holds some notes through the song, so probably good to listen
and play along a few times. I couldn't get the lyrics and notes to line up properly 
here, but you get the idea.

D       G      E      A

D GThe sun is at stake
E AAnd I'm at your window
D G E ABeyond all sleep and I can't speak
D GIn all Tokyo, translate memories
EThat I cannot free,
ABut what will it take?
DWe all make mistakes.
GWe all try to free
EThe sighs of the past
A A7We don't want to last.
D G ENeed love erase to let out my mind?
A D GWanting to love as new as I can,
E A D GWanting to show I want my scars to help and heal.
EHow much you wanted
A DSo much you found
GTry not to beg too much to be
E A A7Calling my heart and know you are real
D G EBut my memory steals every moment I can feel
AWhat will it take?
D GWe all make mistakes.
E AEven though I try to 'stand
D GEven though it's slowly
EI do all I can
ABut who is my man?
DThe memory or you?
GThe love or the due?
E ATo carry a face (I cannot retrace)?
I do all I can.
DWe all make mistakes
G E A(humming)
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