Shaun Groves - Heaven Hang On tab

This is off of "White Flag" and took me some time to figure out but I finally got it.  
finger picking could be slightly different from his but its hard to tell.

standard tuning   (This means slide /)
Basically, he is picking the chords that I have written above the tabs.

verse picking... Cminor G# A#e[--------------------- ----------------------------------|b[---------4(let ring)- ----------------------------------|g[-----5-5---5--------- x3 ---------5(let ring)-------7(lr---| x2d[------5------5------- -----6-6---6------------8-8--8----|a[-3(let ring)--------- ------6------6-----------8-----8--|e[--------------------- -4(let ring)---------6(lr)--------|
G G#e[-------------------- --------------|b[-------4(lr)-------- --------------|g[----5-5---5--------- -------5(lr)--|d[-----5------5------- x3 ---6-6----6---| x2a[-3(lr)-------------- ----6------6--|e[-------------------- -4(lr)--------|
Chorus... Gsus* A#sus* Cm Fsus* G Cme[-------------------------------------------3-|b[---------------------4(lr)-----------------4-|g[5----5/-8----8--5--5---5---3----3--4----4--5-| Start frome beginningd[5---5/--8---8---5-5-5----5-3---3---5---5---5-| with next verse.a[3--3/---6--6----3----------1--1----5--5----3-|e[3/------6-------3----------1-------3-------3-|
Bridge... Fsus*---Gsus*--Cm-------Gsus*--Cm--x2 * is different form of standard suspended chords Well that's basically all, I hope its easy to the way you can pick in different ways and it will still sound right. ~Heather
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