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Date: 11/21/96; 10:36:15 PM
Subject: shaver

                 Tramp On Your Street
                                    written by: Billy Joe Shaver
                         Performed by: Shaver on "Tramp On Your Street"

1.A long time ago
  No shoes on my feet
  I walked ten miles of train track
  To hear Hank Williams sing  (follow the same progression throughout)

  His body was worn
  But his spirit was free
  And he sang every song
  Looking right straight at me

C1.Just a tramp on your street
  You must understand
  You got my soul at your feet
  And my heart in your hand

2.No I don't have to pick
  And I don't have to choose
  I don't have to win
  And I don't have to lose

  And if I make any pay
  I just throw it away
  I don't count on tomorrow
  I just live for today

C2.Still you opened yourself
  And you held me inside
  You made a stray dog like me
  Feel welcome tonight
                               A DEA
  I'm just a tramp on your street

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