Shawn Colvin – If I Were Brave chords

Left handed
Shawn Colvin - A Few Small Repairs

F = XX3211
C/E = XX2010
D7/F# = XX453XG = XX0003 <-- intro only / XX5433
G7sus/D = XX0011 C = X32010 INTRO: F, C/E, F, C/E, F, D7/F#, G
F C/E G7sus/D CAll the happy couples on their way to New Or-leans
F G C/E FRe-minding me of when we got a-long
F C/E G7sus/D CThey're only renting time and space to fill up with their dreams
F G C/E FAnd dreams are what they'll have when they have gone
F C/E G7sus/D C How could it be that I was born without a clue to carry on
F G C/E FAnd still it is the same now I am older
C/E G7sus/D CArmed with just a will and then this love for singing songs
F G C/E FAnd minding less and less if I am colder
F C/E F C/EBut I have this funny ache and it's burning in my chest
F G C/E FAnd it spreads just like a fire inside my body
F C/E F C/E Is it something God left out in my spirit or my flesh
F G C/E FWould I be saved if I were brave and had a baby?
F C/EIt was never clear what would come next
G7sus/D C but that's the risk and that's the test
F G C/E FAnd you were the only one so far to follow
C/E G7sus/D CAnd no one talks about when one might stop and need to rest
F G F Or how long you sit alone before you
G7sus/D F Gstop looking back It's like you're waiting for Godot
F G CAnd then you pick your sorry ass up off the street and
C/E F C/E F C/E F Go...
F C/E F C/EAnd what the hell is this? Who made this bloody mess?
F G C/E FAnd someone always answers like a martyr
F C/E F C/EIs it something you should know, did you never do your best
F G C/E FWould you be saved if you were brave and just tried harder
F C/E G7sus/D CSo now I ride the aught-one-thirty-five to New Orleans
F G C/E FI float a mile above life's toil and trouble
C/E G7sus/D CA thousand lonely lifetimes I still wait and then go on
F G C/E F C/E F C/E F CA clown to entertain the happy couples
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