Shawn Colvin – Polaroids tab

	Capo 4th fret (Key of F#)

D                        D/B
Please, no more therapy, Mother take care of me,
D                        Em
Piece me together with a needle and thread.
D                     D/B
Wrap me in eiderdown, lace from your wedding gown.
D                       Em
Fold me and lay me down on your bed.
   G                   D/F#
Or liken me to a shoe, blackened and spit-shone through
FMaj7                                        Aadd9
Kicking back home to you, smiling back home.
D                         D/B
Singing back home to you. Laughing back home to you,
Em7                        D
Dragging back home to you.

(Other verses same.)

Chord Diagrams:

String--> 654321

D/B:      X2OO33

FMaj7:    133210 (thumb for bass note)

Aadd9:    X02200

D/F#:     200232 (thumb for bass note)
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