Love Me Or Die chords with lyrics by Shawn James - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Shawn James – Love Me Or Die chords

[Verse 1]
DmI studied evil, I can't deny
AWas a hoodoo charm called a Love me or Die
AmSome fingernail, a piece of her dress
DmApocathery, Devil's behes'
Dm AI will relate, the piteous consequence of my mistake
Falling slave to passing desire
Am DmMaking the dreaded Love me or Die
[Verse 2]
DmUnder a Jungle primeval green
AShe had the looks of a beauty queen
AmNo bangles or chain, wearing broken shoe
DmSeventy-five cent bottle perfume
DmI said, "good morning", I tipped my hat
AAll the while I was cunning like a rat
Smiling gaily, looked her in the eye
Am DmI felt in pocket, the Love me or Die
[Verse 3]
DmMy past history, one to behold
AI studied magic from days of old
Membership, secret societies
Am DmPower and wealth in my family
DmBut Matilda, Darling
AWhy you don't take my wedding ring
Like a demon under the floor
Am DmI buried the hoodoo down the back door
[Verse 4]
DmLawd, word broke through the town
AmThat a fever strike Matilda down
AmNine thirty, the doctor arrive
DmPriest come running, quarter to five
DmStanding in the weeds early next day
AI saw the meat wagon rolling away
AmI seen Matilda laying in the back
DmHer old mother wearing a suit of black
[Verse 5]
DmSound the trumpet, and bang the drum
AI wait for me judgement to come
AmI know her spirit is down beneath
DmI hear the weeping and gnashing of the teeth
DmFlames of Hell licks at my feet
AIn the shadow of the Jungle I feel the heat
AmMatilda's waiting in Hell for me too
DmAll cause she died from a bad hoodoo
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