Shawn Mcdonald - Rise chords

			     Rise - Shawn McDonald
Tabbed by: Scott Machalk

Capo 3

F5 Gm11 Bbsus2 F5 C7sus4e|--------0-----------0------------0--------------0-----------0-------------|B|--------0-----------0------------0--------------0-----------0-------------|G|--------2-----------0------------0--------------2-----------0-------------|D|--------0-----------0------------0--------------0-----------2-------------|A|--------0-----------2------------5--------------0-----------0-------------|E|--------0-----------2------------5--------------0-----------0-------------|
I did it wrong on the first version I did. I didn't tab it relative to the Capo so I'm posting it again with the tab relative. Thanks to whoever pointed that out. This is my first time submitting anything. I know this is a pretty easy one but it may help someone. Please rate this if you found it helpful. If you didn't like it, please let me know why.
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