Shawn Mcdonald – Rise chords ver. 5

Capo 1

Intro: E  A2  B7+  A2  E

E(Verse 1) : Yes I will rise
A2Out of these ashes rise
B7+ From this trouble I have found
A2And this rubble on the ground
EI will rise
E A2(Chorus): Cause He Who is in me
B7+ A2Is greater than I will ever be
EAnd I will rise
(repeat) E A2 B7+ A2 E
E A2Sometimes my heart is on the ground
B7+ A2 EAnd hope is nowhere to be found
E A2Love is a figment I once knew
B7+ A2 EAnd yet I hold on to what I know is true
(Verse 1 twice)
E A2Well I keep on coming to this place
B7+ A2 EThat I don't know quite how to face
E A2So I lay down my life in hopes to die
B7+ A2 EThat somehow I might rise
(verse 1) (Chorus) (End)
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