Shawn Mcdonald – Rise chords ver. 6

Okay I know that these are not the technical chord names. How ever I can't get there on
my own with the tuning I did my best and re named them based on the location of the
frets being fingured. This is my first so don't be to upset. And pay attention to the 
renamed chords configuration. This is a great song with a great message. Could be Secular or
Christian radio. Any way have fun.

I know I showed it as standard tuning but I have no idea what DAGAB is.

Rise - Shawn McDonald (Radio)

Capo on 3rd
Tuning D A D G A b

A - 000200
F  - 220000
E - 002000

Intro: A F A2 E

Pre-Chorus: x2
AYes I will rise
FOut of these ashes rise
A2From this trouble I have found
And this rubble on the ground
A EI will rise
Chorus: x2
A FCause He who is me
A2Is greater than I will ever be
A EAnd I will rise
Bridge: x2
ADo Do Do duh dododo
FDo Do Do duh dododo
A2 A EDo Do Do duh dododo
A FSometimes my heart is on the ground
A2 A EAnd love is no where to be found
A FLove is a figment I once knew
A2 A EAnd yet I hold onto what I know is true
Pre-Chorus: x2 Chorus:x2
A FWell I keep on coming to this place
A2 A EThat I don't know quite how to face
A FSo I lay down my life in hopes to die
A2 A ESo that I might rise
Pre-Chorus: x2 Chorus: x2
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