Shawn Mcdonald – Through It All chords

                             THROUGH IT ALL - Shawn McDonald
Tabbed by: Steph Lindeen

Tuning: Capo 7

Verse 1-2: Em, C, G, D - 4x
EmThrough it all
CI've been a blind man
G DFumbling through the dark
EmThrough it all
CI've been a runaway
G DSo with a broken heart
EmThrough it all
CYou were the only one
G DThat believed in who I am
EmThrough it all
C You never left me
G And I'll never understand
DHow you love me through the...
C GThe highs, the lows
D EmThe fights, the blows
C G The hurt, the pain
DEvery tear that falls like rain
C G D EmMy heart still yields in fire and heat
C GThe rise and fall
DSo now You love me
C G, D, CThrough it all
Verse 2: {palm mute} Em, C, G, D - 4xThrough it all
You brought me closer Even when I pushed You away Through it all You've been my shelter When I couldn't tell night from day Through it all You find a way to love Even when I've given up on You Through it all You never leave me
DAnd I'll never understand
DHow You love me through the...
(Chorus) Bridge:
C, G, DThrough it all
C, G, DThrough it all
CNo deep, no wide
GNo hurt, no fights
DNo life, no death
EmNo tears, no pain
C G DCould separate me from Your love
(Chorus x2)
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