Shawn Mullins – Shimmer tab

"Shimmer" - Shawn Mullens  

Standard Tuning (E A D G B E)Capo on 3rd Fret
X - strum while muting it (i'm not sure whether 'x' is really used for
showing mute.)
ho - hammer onpo - pull offVerses and the "Time I cannot change...." part

Em/D/G Em/D/G Em/D/G Am/Cadd9/C?|--------------3--x-x-x-------------------------------------3---------3------------------||--------------3--x-x-x---------------3--x-x-x--------------3---------3------------------||-----------0--0--x-x-x----0-ho-2--2--2--x-x-x----------0---0---------0------------------||---0-ho-2--2--------------0----------0--x-x-x----------0--------------------------0-ho-2||---0-ho-2--2-----------------------------------0-ho-2--2-----0-ho-2-------0-ho-2--------||-----------------------------------------------0-h0-3--------0-ho-3---------------------|
|--0--------------------------------------------0------3---||--1-(pick around this chord,Am)----------------1------3---||--2--------------------------------------------0------0---||--2----------------------------------------2---2------2---||--0--------------------------------0-ho-2------3------3---|---0-------------------------------------------------------|
CHORUS and 'I feel fine...' part : C/G/D/Em C/G/D C/G/D/Em C/G/DBRIDGE: Am/C/G/D Am/C/G/DHere are a bit of the last part: "..demon of my back.." "want to shine" "I want toradiate"|---2-ho-3-----------------||----------------------------------------0----||------------3-----------3-||-----------------0----------------------1----||-------------------0------||--------------4---------------0----0----0----||-----------------2--------||-------2-h0-4-----------------0-ho-2----2----||---------------3----------||-----2-------------------3----3----3---------||--------------------------||---0-----------------------------------------|just after "...radiate"|--2-ho-3-po-2-po-0------0-ho-2---||---------------------------------||---------------------------------| after that,stum or pick around
C/G/D/Em C/G/D|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------|The last chorus: C/G/D/Em C/G/D C/G/D/Em C/G/D
Em D G Sharing with us what he knows Em D G shining eyes are big and blue Em D C and all around him water flows Am this world to him is new C this world to him is new to touch a face to kiss a smile new eyes see no race the essence of a child the essence C G he's born to shimmer, he's born to shine he's born to radiate he's born to live, he's born to love but we'll teach him how to hate true love it is a rock smoothed over by the stream and no ticking of the clock truly measures what that means truly measures what that means and this thing we call our time heard a brilliant woman say she said you know it's crazy how I want to try to capture mine I think I love this woman's way I think I love this woman's way she shimmers, the way she shines the way she radiates the way she lives, the way she loves the way she never hates sometimes I think of all of this that can surround me I know it all as being mine but she kisses me and wraps herself around me she gives me love, she gives me time and I feel fine hey, yeah, hey hey yeah I feel fine but time I cannot change so here's to looking back you know I drink a whole bottle of my pride and I toast to change to keep these demons off my back just get these demons off my back cause I want to shimmer, I want to shine I want to radiate I want to live, I want to love I want to try to learn not to hat try not to hate we're born to shimmer, we're born to shine we're born to radiate we're born to live, we're born to love we're born to never hate
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