Shawn Mullins - California chords


Shawn Mullins 2010 from Light You Up


C (with majorized 2nd)
G mixo, switching at "(Trans) Am", "101", "Room",
        through bridge
no capo
driving 4/4 strum, smooth and steady,
follow the high-hat

(intro melody)

Verse 1

Am C G Well, he was from a small town
D In Northern Mississippi
Am C G She was raised on the Puget Sound
D A third generation hippie
Am C G Fate would take them to L.A. County
D F And get 'em stuck in a traffic jam
D7 An El Camino and a red Trans Am
Am C G D Verse 2
Am C G Her stereo was blaring Dylan
D The Bootleg Sessions
Am C G And, oh, The Times They Are A'Changin'
D Made a pretty good impression
Am C G She looked over and caught him smilin'
D F Under a California setting sun
D7 They fell in love on the 101
Am G D F California, California
Am G D California dreams come true
Verse 3
Am C G Well, they got in with the In-crowd
D Am And got off on the rock 'n' roll
C G Cocaine's free and the music's loud
D Am Backstage at the Hollywood Bowl
C G They got the house in Topanga Canyon
D F They partied at the Viper Room
D7 Blendin' into the neon gloom
Chorus (2X) Bridge:
F Well, you see them down on the Sunset Strip
G Trying so hard to be so hip
F Manhattan Beach to Malibu
G It's all about the ocean view
F And who you know in Hollywood
G It's cut-throat but it's understood
F Champagne, Kool-Aid, drink it down
D7 You're the toast of Tinsel Town…
Chorus (2X) (guitar solo through repeats of the Am C G D cadence) end
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