London chords with lyrics by She And Him - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

She And Him – London chords

Bb Gm x2

Bb GmOh, London
Bb EdimWhere the clouds never go away
D Gm D GmI keep my coat on from September to May
Eb Edim Bb Bbmaj7 Bb6When the tulips will bloom in the most unusual way
C Oh, London
GmI love you
C F7Where the clouds never go away
Bb Gm x2 VERSE 2:
Bb GmOh, London
Bb EdimWhere it's gloomy in the fall
D GmI can't shake the sadness
D GmCause it's never that small
Eb EdimBut we're all sad together
Bb Bbmaj7 Bb6So I'm not alone at all
COh, London
GmI'll leave you
CAnd the sky
F7Will always fall
PIANO SOLO: Bb Gm x2 Bb Gm Bb Edim D Gm D Gm Eb Edim Bb Bbmaj7 Bb6 Bb C Gm C F7 Bb Gm Bb Gm VERSE 3:
Bb GmOh, London
Bb EdimWhere the daffodils grow
D Gm D GmEach one like a fireball at the end of the meadow
Eb EdimAnd I'll always forget there
Bb Bbmaj7 Bb6 BbI could've felt so low
COh, London
Gm C F7 BbI'll forget you so I'll never have to go.
G Bb G Bb G Bb
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